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About Us

Matthew Oliver Windows and Doors Limited are removing the stigma associated with the window industry. Our ethos is to provide every customer with a warm, friendly, personal and professional service.

With us, there are no ‘today only’ offers designed to put pressure on you. Our team take a different and more personal view and dedicate their time to providing expert advice and first-class service from start to finish.

Our trustworthy installation team uphold this ethos by arriving promptly in smart uniforms and carrying out a professional service – without consuming all your tea and biscuits! Our team will respect that they are working in your home and not treat it as ‘just a place of work.’

Our philosophy is to provide value for money, do the right job, at the right price, at the right time to suit our customers and to keep things simple.

Communication is of paramount importance to us from your first enquiry to when our fitters turn up on time, we will keep you informed every step of the way. Our dedication to exceeding our customers’ expectations has always been imperative to the way we operate and develop our services.

We supply and install throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas. We work closely with you throughout the entire process, making sure that the finished result accurately reflects your individual requirements and specifications.

We work with the intent that once a customer uses Matthew Oliver, we hope they become a ‘Matthew Oliver customer for life’.

Read on to meet our team and find out more about what you receive as a Matthew Oliver customer.

Why Choose Matthew Oliver Windows & Doors

  • Over 100 years combined experience in the Industry
  • We believe that delighting every client will lead to recommendations
  • We work locally – if we see you out and about, we want you to want to say hello!
  • We offer deposit protection and a 10-year warranty
  • Don’t be surprised if we call you after 12 months to check on your continued satisfaction
  • Provide top quality products and workmanship all locally manufactured to your individual specification
  • Experience to carry out repairs
  • We take pride in our work
  • A-rated service. Call for a visit to find out for yourself.
  • No need for pressure selling. We provide one price that delivers exceptional value for money.
  • We do not cut corners so we can be the cheapest; we source quality that pays you long term
  • We have over 200 5-star reviews across Google and Facebook

What you can expect from becoming a MO Windows

No Pressure Sales

We have no need for pressure selling and believe that it should be your decision to buy. When you get a visit from Matthew, Chris or Estelle, you get help and advice. A consultation that will help you make a decision that is right for you.

The price is right

Most homeowners do not really know the true cost of windows, doors or conservatories. There are more things to consider than just price of course; are the products energy efficient and will they keep my property safe & secure are primary concerns naturally. Installation is another concern; you want your product fitted by experienced craftsmen. Then comes the price, if you get several quotes there can be a vast difference in price, so how come?

How to check the product is good value

We do not cut corners – or slash falsely inflated prices – so we can be the cheapest. We only give you one price; a price that gives you exceptional value for your money.

We never give discounts, especially the type that are common in our industry where a “discount is only available today, just let me call my Manager!”

You should never feel under pressure to buy so we never try to SELL a job to you. Whatever you decide we just hope we can help you make an informed decision!

Expert Installations Carried Out by Skilled Tradesmen

When uPVC windows & doors first came out, they would always be fitted by fully qualified carpenters. Now you will find that fitters are trained to install windows and patch up with mastic! Not with Matthew Oliver Windows, all of our installation team have construction experience.

“Trained to fit plastic squares in holes” that is what you may be unfortunate enough to experience. The fitters are just that, fitters. What happens if some brickwork or rendering is damaged, what if some carpentry is needed? With MO Windows, our installation team are fully trained craftsmen, with a wealth of building experience. We can lay bricks, plaster, render and do anything with wood in order to make your installation perfect.

Quality Checking Every Step of the Way

Quality starts right from the first call you make to us, whatever time, the phone is always on, communication is of paramount importance to us. When you meet us, you will see that the quality continues.

The products themselves are manufactured in a facility that adheres to strict quality processes and exceeds industry minimum standards of quality. The products are then checked again when they arrive with us.

Quality continues with installation

Everything we do comes with a 10-year insurance backed warranty. The insurance is important because it ensures your warranty continues in the unlikely event something should happen to us.

It doesn’t end there; we will show you how to properly maintain your new product when we carry out the final quality checks. If you have any issues or concerns you can call us at any time, we are here to help, long after the job is finished.

Unrivalled Communication & Service

Good-old Fashioned Service:

This is what you can expect from MO Windows:

  • We call you when we say we will
  • So, we can maintain our high levels of quality & service we will ask for your feedback
  • We are polite & courteous at all times
  • We keep our promises
  • We work as a team – our installation teams will professionally survey your property to avoid mistakes and spot any potential issues
  • Communication is key to your satisfaction
    • If there is a problem – we will inform you
    • No hidden charges – we will stick to our price
    • Quality monitoring – our teams make sure your completely satisfied before they leave
    • Used to the installation team blaming sales for mistakes?  Not here, our installation team are always involved from the start
  • Respect for your property. Our shoes are always removed or covered, your property is protected with dust sheets and we clean up after ourselves. All of our installation teams have a vacuum cleaner on board their vans.
  • No job too small or too big. Whatever size the job, you will always be treated equally. Small jobs are just as important to us as the bigger jobs. What really matters and forges our success, is your satisfaction.

Delivering Service – Delivering Value – Delivering Quality

Above all we really do care about our client’s satisfaction. There is only one way to find out! Give Matthew Oliver a call.

No Gimmicks

BOGOF offers, massive discounts and numerous other gimmicks are abundant in the cutthroat world of windows doors and conservatories.

Choosing the right company has never been more difficult.

Having worked in the industry for many years, as a customer service rep to many of the UK’s window companies, Matthew came to realise that the regular homeowner was getting a raw deal.

He would often be called to resolve problems on behalf of his clients and couldn’t believe the way they were being treated. Sub-standard fitting, poor communication and a lack of customer service were all problems he would see regularly.

He wanted to change all of that and offer his customers what they should expect. Here are some of the traps he would spot!

Industry traps to watch out for: Pricing

All windows, doors and conservatories are manufactured to certain standards. These standards are regulated by the various industry bodies.

When you buy a product from company A, you will more than likely be offered a similar product from company B. So how can pricing vary so much?

We all have similar costs and supply a similar product. So, should we not all be charging similar amounts?

It is not our style to speak ill of other companies but just be aware that in order to give you the “cheapest price”, there may be some form of illusion at play. At MO Windows we sell value for money and we are transparent with our pricing.

At MO Windows you will NEVER see…

  • Huge discounts – unless we can pass cost savings to you due to a supplier scheme.
  • Trade deals – there are no such things unless you intend to buy direct and fit yourself.
  • Limited time deals – just designed to get you to make a quick decision instead of making an informed decision and getting comparative quotes.
  • Price keeps dropping – why not offer the best price to start with?
  • Finance deals – read the small print and ask what the total amount payable is.
  • Cash back schemes
  • Windows scrappage schemes – no official scheme exists.
  • Commission sales. How much are the reps paid? (Often up to 30%) None of our sales team are on commission, our job is to help you decide on the right product for your needs.
  • Being passed from pillar to post and back again. Our small efficient team is involved all the way through – from initial enquiry to your free annual check-up.
  • Faceless, uncaring staff. All MO staff work as a team, we know that by giving you the best products, at the best value for money, our company will thrive and we all benefit. You then us!

Free Fitting

One way national companies can keep costs down, is by maximising the profit they make on the fitting. Do I hear you say “but my fitting is free” sorry, fitting cannot be free unless the fitters work for nothing! When you are given a price for your windows, fitting is built into the costs.

Beware Pushy Sales Reps

So, you get a knock on your front door. We are in your area and wondered if you would like to save £1000’s on new windows doors or conservatories? You think, “can’t do any harm, we need a new back door (or whatever)” Salesman comes around sits down and makes conversation. “What a nice person” you think to yourself, that is until he gives you the price! “what £10,000 for a few windows, that’s much more than we wanted to pay” “ok he says, I am authorised, just for today as we are in your area and if you will allow us to put a board outside your house, to offer you a 50% discount”

Wait up. 50% discount? How he can do that from 10k to 5k? Ask the question and they will come up with some sort of credible story. “I just need this to make my target so I can give you a big discount, we really are not making any money on this and if my manager knew I would probably lose my job”

If we come to price the same job, we will offer you the price. That’s it, it’s the price of the product plus the price of installing, all costs and no gimmicks. Ask for a discount we will respectfully discuss this with you.

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