" I was so pleased I paid the invoice as soon as I had it"

E. Thelen



I have had cause to use this company twice in the last year.  This was due to the fact that our existing uPVC double glazing system installed in 2007, had started to fail. We had failed window lock, the original suppliers did not want to know about undertaking repairs, and never phoned back. After 50 odd years working in construction my standard policy is I give “ONE” chance no call back forget it.

I saw Matthew Oliver’s advertisement in the local press and gave them a ring. Speaking to Matthew, who said he would check with his fitter and call back, which he did. The visit from “The Man” was at the time agreed and as they were unable to match the window lock he suggested moving the one from the cloakroom using the non matched replacement there and relocating the cloak room lock to the broken one so we had matching locks on that window…. I was so pleased I paid the invoice as soon as I had it. We have just had them call and repair the lock on our front door (replacement spring) again so easy.

This is a professional company I would highly recommend as their level of customer service is well developed. I wish them every success, and have added them to my small list of approved contractors.