Do Composite Doors Fade in the Sun?

Composite doors are a fantastic way to give your home that much-needed kerb appeal.

But when investing in a new front door for your home, you will want to know if the door will withstand the outdoors – namely, will the sun affect your new composite door?

Do composite doors fade? 

It’s normal for doors and windows to start to lose some of their lustre over time.

The British climate is a harsh one and, over time, uPVC frames can start to fade in colour through prolonged exposure. However, with a composite door, this effect is greatly reduced.

Composite doors are made with a glass reinforced plastic coating that protects the door from the elements, keeping it looking shiny and new for longer. 

Cleaning a composite door

Keeping a composite door looking fresh couldn’t be simpler.

Unlike timber doors, which require regular painting in order to keep them protected from the weather, all a composite door requires is a regular clean with warm, soapy water. 

Simply apply the warm, soapy water to the door using a sponge, making sure not to use the rough side of the sponge as this could scratch the finish.

Next, wipe away the water using a soft, non-fluffy cloth before giving the door a final wipe with another dry cloth. The same technique should be applied to both the glass and the handles.

To give your glass an added sparkle, a glass cleaner can also be used. 

What if your composite door does fade? 

If you do feel like your composite door is starting to lose some of its original radiance, you can rejuvenate it with an application of a polish substitute.

Multi-surface plastic restorers contain deep-penetrating oils that bring back the pigment of your door and bring the colours back to life. And they can be applied with a simple cloth, just like polish. 

Composite doors offer a wide range of benefits, including increased security and durability; they look fantastic and they’re easy to maintain.

So if you’re interested in getting a composite front door for your home in Northamptonshire, talk to Matthew Oliver to discuss your requirements and get a quote.