Wreath on front door

How to decorate your front door with a Christmas wreath

Hanging a festive wreath on the front door of your home is a Christmas tradition that has seen increased popularity over the last decade—and spreads seasonal cheer to visitors to your home. But do you know why we hang a wreath on our door at Christmas and where the tradition originated?

Read on to discover the history of the wreath, how to make your own Christmas door decoration—and how to hang your wreath without damaging your front door.

The history of the Christmas wreath

It is thought that the origins of the Christmas wreath are linked with Christians who wanted to invite the spirit of Christ into their home. The use of evergreen leaves signified eternal life and the red berries represent Christ’s blood.

Another popular theory dates back to Ancient Rome, where a wreath on a door signalled status and victory. Others believe the tradition is steeped in German folklore, where the use of evergreen symbolised hope and continuity throughout the dark winter months.

Make your own Christmas wreath

There are some impressive Christmas wreaths available in the shops and online, but for a truly original decoration, it’s fun to make your own.  Starting with a simple wire frame (a bent coat hanger is a great base) you can add as much greenery, sparkles and berries as you like!

Get the whole family involved by taking a winter walk to find pinecones, foliage and berries to create a classic style wreath that compliments a traditional front door.

If you have a contemporary front door, then opt for a minimalistic wreath, using thin wire decorated with white berries, silver tinsel and battery-operated fairy lights for a stylish welcome.

Wreaths also look impressive in bay windows – and the advantage of hanging a wreath on the inside of a feature window is that you can add cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices as decoration to create a festive aroma throughout your home.

Hanging your wreath without damaging your door

Once you have your perfect Christmas wreath, it needs to be hung from your front door. Depending on the type of door you have, hanging your wreath can be a challenge—you don’t want to damage your door.

Composite doors will look great with a ribbon-hung wreath. The beauty of hanging the wreath with a ribbon is that you can position the centre of the decoration at eye level on your door, loop the ribbon over the top and secure with a sticky hook on the inside of your door. It will hold the wreath securely and doesn’t involve nails or drilling holes!

Another option is to invest in a ‘wreath hanger’. Usually made from metal it has a flat section with two U-shape ends. One u-shape holds the wreath and the other fits over the top of the door to keep it in place. This technique works well on uPVC front doors.

If your front door contains glass panels—or if you want to hang a wreath as a focal point for a bay window, then we recommend purchasing a suction cup hook that will hold your decoration in place without any damage to the glass.

Bring kerb appeal to your home all year round

A Christmas wreath is the perfect way to make your home look welcoming over the festive period.  But for year-round kerb appeal, adding a new front door to your home can provide a warm welcome across all the seasons. 

If you’d like a front door that reflects the style of your home—and your personal tastes, then check out our MO Windows Door Designer Tool.

With over 2 million combinations of composite doors in all styles and colours (we can even match a RAL colour), there is no excuse for hanging your Christmas wreath on a tired, faded front door.