Top industry trends for windows and doors 2020

With the New Year finally upon us, we have seen the industry change quite a bit in the last decade.

Now that we’re in 2020 we’ve decided to speculate at what the most likely window and door trends for the year ahead will be.

As a quick overview, we’ll take a look at:

  • Brexit
  • Healthier living
  • Smart window technology
  • Sustainability
  • Customisation


After 4 years since Brexit first being declared, it’s still unresolved heading into 2020 and the next decade. 

One can only assume that the Brexit deal, following Decembers’ election results, that a Brexit deal will go forward and will happen in the near future.

This will ultimately affect a lot of companies and industries, especially the double glazing industry.

However, because Matthew Oliver Windows and Doors partners with TruFrame and installs Liniar products, the after-effects of the Brexit deal being implemented, won’t have as much of an impact as other companies’ who use European Union manufacturers. 

Simply because TruFrame and Liniar are both proud to be British.

Healthier living

With the start of a new year comes a willingness in most people to get fit and healthy for the year.

One thing that helps is natural daylight which can improve the perception of space within a home.

Allowing natural daylight into the home can also improve with sleep, boosting vitamin D levels and a whole host of other benefits.

It’s for these reasons and the unique designs of large glass windows that appeal to homeowners to install them into their homes.

Smart Window technology

Smart Windows are somewhat new in the double glazing industry which is why we’ve included them in our list.

Not to be confused with Smart Glass which is transparent turning into translucent (which is commonly found in office environments), Smart Windows are able to tell you if you’ve left your windows open or unlocked and can help elderly people living alone.

Whilst Smart Windows is still in the early stages of the double glazing industry, we expect them to become more well-known in the year ahead and potentially may be a common feature in many homes in the next decade.


With more people being environmentally aware and more cautious of the products they use and the reduction of plastic and harmful materials, the consciousness to switch to more sustainable and environmentally friendly products are becoming more important to people.

For this reason, we believe the sustainability of window and door products, as well as their environmental friendliness, maybe something that homeowners look for when researching for new double glazing products in 2020.


The various colours, accessories, hardware, styles and frames give homeowners complete control and bespoke options for their double glazing products. Each style that our homeowners choose is completely unique to their taste and specification.

We believe giving homeowners the ultimate customisation of all our products allows them to find the right product for them. And we believe the offering of full customisation is something that will continue to be a trend in 2020.

Interested in any of these top trends?

We don’t know for sure what the top trends for 2020 will be, but based on what has been popular recently as well as up-and-coming industry hot topics, we have done our best to speculate what we think will be popular this year.

Keep checking back on our website as the year progresses to see what double glazing products we have and if you’re interested in installing new windows and doors or conservatories in your property, get in touch.

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