Blue front door

What does your front door say about you?

First impressions are everything. The style, design, and colour of the front door of your property says a lot about your personality and taste—whilst providing visitors with that crucial first impression of your home.

In a row of houses, a unique or interesting or colourful front door can give your house added kerb appeal—especially important if you are looking to sell your house.

Your front door is usually the first thing that people notice when they look at your home. Let’s discover what your door says about you.

A no-nonsense black front door

One of the world’s most iconic front doors, 10 Downing Street, has a classic black door.  We’re not saying that choosing a black front door will guarantee you’ll become the next PM, but a black front door does exude class and authority.

Homeowners who choose a black front door tend to have an understated style and traditional values.  Never think that black is a safe or boring option. With the addition of shiny chrome door furniture to add a pop of cool metallic colour, your front door will look timeless for years to come.

Our order processor, Ted, has a black front door and he’d get our vote as the next PM any day!

Teal appeal

Teal is a fashionable colour that is growing in popularity with Northamptonshire homeowners. It’s no wonder this shade is a number one choice as teal is colour linked to confidence and trust.  

Teal is especially attractive on a Georgian-style home and looks particularly appealing when teamed with a white frame and warm brass door furniture.

A sunny yellow door for a sunny personality

A yellow front door is a happy front door. And a happy front door is a happy home. Owners of a home with a yellow front door are welcoming hosts and always ready for a party!  We secretly think that’s why Estelle, who works in our sales team, has such a sunny yellow door.

The MO Windows door designer offers a minimum of three shades of yellow door, Mandarin, Turmeric, and Buttercup, but if you’d prefer a different hue, you can choose a RAL colour code of your own.  The only question is, how bright dare you go?

Top Tip: A vibrant yellow front door is perfectly complemented by a grey frame—check out our interactive door designer and see for yourself.

Create a warm welcome with a red front door

A red front door is thought to be the entrance to a welcoming home. The tradition is derived from an early American tradition, where hospitable residents painted their doors red to symbolise that weary travellers could rest at the property for the night.

Red has always been a popular and welcoming choice for a front door, the deeper the red, the more and inviting your home looks. 

Our door designer has various shades of red to tempt you, including a hot Salsa Red and a rich, warm Claret all designed to welcome guests to your house. We cover a vast range of colour options—or you can opt to choose a RAL colour code for a completely personalised front door.

What’s behind the green door?

Green doors are on the increase for British homes. From a pale sage shade to a striking fern green, the colour symbolises wealth and prosperity. 

But if that seems a little ‘showy’ for your tastes, green is also a peaceful and calm colour and works well for houses in country lanes or nestled between trees.

Our Purchaser, Stacey, has a green door, which suits her personality perfectly as she is always calm and very welcoming when speaking with our customers.

What does your dream door reveal about you?

Whether you have modern, contemporary tastes, or prefer a classic, traditional style, our online front door designer tool will allow you to build a front door that compliments your home, your personality and brings added kerb appeal to your property. 

Try it today—there are over two million possible door combinations available, all at the click of a button.